Holiday Season: Protect your Accounts from Fraud and Theft

Posted by Brandi Lamphere on 11/22/2022

Hello everyone,

TLDR at the bottom.
Please continue to stay vigilant, forwarding any questionable work correspondence to Technology, and begin to think about how you will enable 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) on your work account. As you have seen Westerly Public Schools must implement 2FA on all employee accounts by the end of December.
As the holiday season ramps up malicious actors, con artists, and the like spend enormous amounts of time and money to steal your information. Scammers use the guise of, "Faculty_Performance_Review _for _Staff _Members," "Your Account has been Locked," "There is a fraudulent Purchase listed...," "Someone is trying to access your Account...," with common and recognizable company names. Never supply your account information (email, banking, etc) through emails sent whether it is a work or a personal account.
Think of 2FA similar to how you use your debit card. You physically have the card (one factor) and only you know the PIN (another factor). Combining these together you now have 2 factors or 2FA!
Enabling 2FA, on your work and even your personal accounts, can prevent thieves from accessing your account (s) and can even notify you if someone is trying to access your account(s) as well.

Who - Everyone (faculty and staff)

What - Protect their work accounts by using 2FA

When - By December 30th, 2022

Where - District wide

Why - By having 2FA, even if your account was compromised, a malicious actor still can not access your information. As we move more of our products to Single Sign On (one account that logs you into multiple products, think Frontline, Clever, and instructional software login process), it is critical both for your safety and WPS to have your accounts secured from outside threats.

How - Google provides an in-depth tutorial on how to enable it on your work and personal accounts here:

Future Email - More tailored instructions on setting up 2FA with and without using a cellphone.

Future Email - WPS Technology has figured out a way for your laptops to work at home just like they do in the district. In order to use it you must have 2FA enabled.


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