Summer Update: Summary: Tech Changes for School Year 2022-2023

Posted by Michael Sujka on 7/20/2022

Hello everyone,
Here is a speedy summer update from technology:
Starting August 1st,
  • All Google Apps (add-ons, applications, and extensions) not submitted in this Google Form will immediately stop working,
  • Our Ticketing system will utilize your Google Sign in,
  • Frontline (Absence, Professional Growth, & Hiring) will utilize your Google Sign in,
  • Personal Devices will only have access on the now limited WPS-Open.
Already happened:
  • We were able to purchase nearly 100 projectors!  Shipments have started to arrive and installs will begin in August in rooms already on our priority list. 
  • WHS desktop computer replacement nearly complete, moving to WMS shortly
  • Securly Web filtering - if you are onsite and are prompted to sign into Securly, it is okay and intentional, please do.
  • Google Email Access: Geographical Restrictions in place and other changes made.
If you have any questions please do reach out. 
That's all folks... now get back to the beach!