Graphing Discussion

Posted by Stacey Leitz on 9/23/2016 11:48:13 AM


1.  Think of something you are interested in (hobby, sport, interest, whatever) 
2.  Search on the internet for a graph related to your interest
3.  Read about the graph and determine its meaning:  What is it trying to tell you.
4.  Type up a comment (in Microsoft Word or a Google Doc), which includes the following information alphabetized and in order :
     A. The Topic/main idea of your graph  
     B. The title of your graph
     C. The website URL (copy and paste)
     D. Your summary of what the graph is telling the viewer
     E.  Why the type of graph is used (example: Why a bar graph and not a line graph?)
     F.  Why you chose this graph and what you learned from it
5.  See my comment for an example and remember to adhere to the Virtual Discussion Guidelines (click here to view) for full credit 
6.  Come back to this discussion board, click Add Comment, and copy and paste your comment in