Unit 3 Crime Conversations: The Madrid Train Bombings

Posted by Stacey Leitz on 3/16/2017 10:46:00 AM

Case: This week we'll consider The Madrid Train Bombing Case.

In 2004 several commuter trains were attacked with bombs in Madrid.  As you read the wikipedia overview of the Madrid train bombings, I'm sure you'll see several similarities the Boston bombings case.  Unlike the the Boston bombings, the Madrid case relied heavily on fingerprint evidence which turned out to be misleading.  Watch Part 1 (first 15 minutes) of the PBS documentary Forensics on Trial for details into the case of mistaken identity.


Investigate: Consider the following questions:

  • Did the film change your perceptions on fingerprints?

  • Do you think it was inappropriate for the FBI to make an arrest based on fingerprint evidence?

  • What changes need to be made to fingerprint analysis in order to make the process more scientific?  How would you prioritize those changes given governmental budget constraints?

  • Do you think fingerprint evidence will continue to be a significant form of evidence now that we have DNA fingerprinting?


Evaluate:  You will earn up to 10 points for your participation in the discussion and will be assessed using the discussion rubric: General Requirements for Discussions.

Post your thoughts on the questions posed about the case and submit them by the due date. 10 points