The Chemistry of Water

Posted by Maryjane Utley on 2/28/2014 8:00:01 AM

The students in the Chemistry classes of Ms. Fastovsky, Mr. Hooper and Ms. Utley have been experiencing science in a different way this year.
With the support of grants awarded from The American Chemical Society and the NEA Foundation, we have been able to restructure the way we teach Chemistry.
Our units of study are THEME-BASED and promote inquiry, independence and critical thinking.  We are making the shift from developing a culture of passive "students" to one of active "learners". 
One example of how our students are taking their learning outside the classroom is reflected in this photo of a snowflake.  After learning about hydrogen bonding between water molecules and how snowflakes form, this student observed this image on his coat while crossing the quad during a snow event.