Classroom Expectations

Posted by Susan Russell on 9/2/2016 11:45:18 AM

*   Come to class prepared to learn.  Bring your agenda, notebook, folder, pen, pencil and any assignments that are due.
*   Always respect your teachers, peers and the property others at all times.
*   Allow everyone the opportunity to share.  Please wait until it is your turn to speak.
*   Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.
*   No food, candy, gum or drinks in class, except bottled water.


  • Enter the class quietly. Be on time and ready to work.
  • Being ready to work includes sharpening pencils, taking your assigned seats, copying down any homework assignments into your agenda, and immediately starting your opening assignment.
  • Homework (if assigned) will always be posted on the right side of the whiteboard, and the opening assignment will always be posted on the left side of the whiteboard.
  • Use of the bathroom is only allowed, with permission, the first or last five minutes of class unless it is a TRUE emergency.  You must sign out prior to leaving the classroom and upon returning.
  • Do not leave the classroom without teacher permission.
  • Raise your hand to speak at all times.  Do not speak when someone else is speaking.  When the teacher is speaking, you are listening; when you are speaking the teacher will listen to you.
  • Do not get ready to leave or leave the room until the teacher dismisses the class.  Please do not remind the teacher that it is time for lunch or dismissal