Springbrook Reading Week

Posted by Alisha Blais on 4/9/2014 10:55:27 AM

Springbrook Reading Week is taking place throughout the week of April 14-17.  

Our theme for this year is "Reading Takes You Places".  

Each grade level will be reading stories and learning about a specific biome around the world.  Kindergarten is focusing on the Savannah.  Grade one's focus is forests.  Grade two will be learning about deserts.  Grade three will be focusing on the ocean biome and Grade four's focus is the rainforest.

The school as a whole will be creating a mural that will display work from each class.  The different biomes will be displayed in the mural through student art work.  Plants, animals and insects will be made to represent each biome on the mural.

A list of activities for the week are as follows.  Monday a mystery traveler will share items with students for them to guess which biome they are from.  There will also be a staff exchange where teachers will read a story to another class about their biome.  Tuesday classes will be buddying up with the lower grade levels to partner read.  On Wednesday, members of the community will be volunteering to read a book to each classroom.  Lastly, Thursday we will be having a school wide assembly with Lucky Bob Magician.  A Massachusetts native will be giving a fun-filled performance.  He got his start reading every book he could get his hands on about magic.

Also, throughout the week students will have a time for drop everything and read.  Make sure to ask your child about the biome for their grade level and what they learned throughout the week!