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Quarter 2

As we wind down the first few months of school, I am amazed at the wonderful growth our grade 2 students are showing! They are all eager, engaged learners who love to contribute to rich class discussions, share their math strategies and showcase their writing.
As we enter the second quarter, these are some of the things we will be working on.
This quarter we will be working with suffixes and prefixes. We will also learn about open syllables and r-controlled vowels.
The focus of the second quarter in reading in Informational Text is finding the main idea and supporting details. We will also be learning about the various text features that help us understand our reading..
In Fictional Text students will be learning about the elements of fiction to determine the central message and theme.
Writing:  Students will be working on adding details to their writing to develop longer writing pieces as well as adding temporal words. Students will also be introduced to notetaking and guided research writing.
Science:  Our Solids and Liquids unit continues into quarter 2. We will continue to study the properties of various solids and liquids and how they react with each other.
This quarter in math we will be working on place value and properties of operations to add and subtract within 200. We will also introduce measuring and problem solving with measuring. 

Communication:  If there is any need to reach me, please feel free to do so through the parent/communication sheet in the binder or by emailing me at . As always, you may also call State Street School at  (401) 348-2340.