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Library News

Welcome to the school year and the State Street School
Library Media Center!
Your children will be using the library on an individual basis as well as scheduled sessions with their class. Your child’s schedule is on bottom of the message. During these times, they will meet to exchange books, learn research skills, and become acquainted with wonderful children’s literature.
        To ensure that the Library is a resource for information along with being a fun and relaxing environment, we ask that all students return all materials on time and in good condition. Our circulation policy includes the following:
¨    Return books each week (have your child put it in their backpack when finished reading to ensure that it gets returned)
¨    Renew books by bringing them to the library
¨    Sign-out privileges may be suspended for lost, damaged or overdue material
¨    Parents/Guardians are responsible for the cost of lost or damaged materials
In order for all students to make the most of their library experience, we encourage all students to be a State Street School SHARK: 
Safe, Honest, Assertive, Responsible, Kind
     We are sure if everyone understands the purpose of the library, as well as the need for good behavior,
all students will benefit and enjoy all the wonderful books and resources we have to offer!