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Our Fundation's Curriculum Looks Like:

Unit 1 Letter/Keyword/Sounds Chart we will use daily. Have your student practice what we do at home for you.

Unit 1-Letter/Keyword Sounds
Unit 2-Cvc words
Unit 3-Digraphs
Unit 4-Bonus Letters
Unit 5-Glued Sounds

Unit 6-Suffix /s/
In unit 6, the students will learn about a baseword and a suffix. We are just adding the suffix "s" to the end of a word at this point in first grade. They will learn that when you add "s" to the end of a word, that the "s" sometimes makes an /s/ or /z/ sound. The words we use should be easily spelled or tapped out if necessary first, then we add the suffix. Finally they will learn to underline the baseword and circle the suffix as the correct way to mark it up in Fundations .

Unit 7-Glued Sounds
Unit 8- Blends/R controlled Vowels
Unit 9-Open/Closed Syllables/Vowel Teams
Unit 10-Segmenting 5 Sounds/Suffixes /ed/ and /ing/ and Vowel Teams
Unit 11- Vce Syllable/Long Vowel Sounds
Unit 12-Multisyllabic Words
Unit 13-Adding Suffixes /es/ to Multisyllabic Words
Unit 14-Review