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In grade 1,  we use the Being A Writer  writing curriculum. The students will learn how to write following a scope and sequence that will incorporate what they need to write at grade level.

The scope and sequence is as follows:

1. Establishing A Writing Community
2. Gettings Ideas-  The students are generating writing ideas from their own lives. We  share our ideas at the rug first to help ease the writing process for those who have a hard time getting started with their writing. Many can just hear the topic, discuss it, and write with detail. The students also share their writing often with a partner. This helps with reading their own writing, editing their own work, and sharing ideas with one another.
3. Telling More- This is our next unit. We will start this unit within the next 2 weeks. Students will learn to tell more  and add it to their writing. They will begin to use proper nouns. They will listen carefully to their partners and share what their partner said during group discussions. They will also be given the opportunity to ask questions about one's writing. 
4. All bout Me
5. Writing Nonfiction
6. Exploring Words Through Poetry
7. Opinion Writing
8 .Revisiting The Writing Community