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Keeping Sharks Safe, Happy, and Healthy!

As we talk about the SHARK trait of Safety in class, I teach the students that being safe means keeping our bodies and our feelings happy and healthy. I thought it may help to share some ways to help ensure the safety and health of your little learner in first grade:
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep! Your child works hard all day and an adequate night's rest is imperative to keep your child active and healthy at school.
  • Healthy Food Choices! Please refer to the State Street School Handbook for more info. Proper nutrition is critical in keeping your child's brain boosted!
  • Routine! Trying to adhere to a schedule/routine helps alleviate some of the anxiety of the "unknown" and predictability fosters success.
  • Daily Head to Toe Health Checks! There are many germs and head lice already at State Street School. Please check your child head to toe nightly and refer to Mrs. Ziegelmeyer's School Nurse page if you have questions about any health/nutrition policies.
  • Talk! Please ignite conversation with your child. Find creative ways to ask them about their day...talking is learning. Use the Remind notifications to help jump start the conversation!
  • LOVE!!! Hug them, squeeze them, love them when they come home. They've missed you and a simple hug can make a world of difference. heart