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Music Standards

In music class, we do many exciting activities.  Some of these include:
  • Singing
  • Playing Instruments (recorder, xylophone, drums, shakers, etc)
  • Listening
  • Reading notes, rhythms and words
  • Composing (writing music)
  • Improvising (making it up on the spot!)
  • Evaluating performances, sometimes our own!
  • Connecting music to history
  • Exploring music of other cultures
  • Connecting music to other subjects, like art and even math!

The skills found in all of these activities are represented in the CORE ARTS STANDARDS 
Creating - When creating music, it first must be imagined, rehearsed, evaluated and then refined.  The standard of CREATING encompasses coming up with something music like a drum part to fit a song, or even a melody to be played on recorder or sang by a chorus.
Performing - Music is meant to be heard in a  performance.  This standard involved the process of selecting the piece to be performed, analyzing and interpreting all the music elements necessary for the performance and then the familiar process of evaluating and refining our work for the ultimate presentation.  
Responding - Responding to music takes the shape of selecting and analyzing pieces of music, interpreting them and evaluating them.  This is done through listening to a variety of music, from Bach to Rock and especially our own performances!
Connecting - We all relate to music every time we hear it.  This standard component involves relating music to our own personal experiences and finding the connections of music to various contexts.  (Why does the Star Spangled Banner get played after the US wins a medal at the Olympics?)