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Marching Along in March

Well, spring has arrived! Hopefully warmer days will soon be here.
             Our academics are more demanding at this time of year. We are  working on triple-digit subtraction in math and how to draw our own number lines which allow the children to demonstrate adding up to the answer or counting back down to the answer and they must also be able to do double-digit subtraction in their heads. At this time students are expected to be able to identify all coins, tell their worth, add groups of coins and tell how much change they would get when buying an item with $1.00. This takes effort! When working with clocks they need to tell time, write the time, draw the time on a clock face, and tell elapsed time such as, “The party started at 2:30 and lasted two hours. What time did the party end?”  Also, they should be able to answer, “If  you have 51, how far are you from 100?” and “If you have 62, how far are you from 80?”  They are reading numbers up to one million. This is hard work!  Please help your child practice at home.  We started our poetry unit this week. The children are writing very comical limericks. These will be on display on April 12. (See below.) The demands in reading have also increased as the children take Accelerated Reader tests on the chapter books they are reading. Their note-taking helps them achieve the desired scores of 80% or greater. We are stretching our thinking to use our background knowledge along with clues from the text to infer meaning. Children cite text when responding to questions. I hope your child is sharing new knowledge of insects as, in science, we now have mealworm life cycles     repeating and our milkweed bugs have hatched.
Thank you for making sure homework is completed and returned! It is vital for your child to take on this responsibility, with your help. This will be a routine throughout the school years.
There is a lot of work and learning taking place in second grade! If you are planning to take a trip in the spring please use the long April  vacation so that your child’s education is not interrupted.
Every day, I am grateful that you send your child well-rested, well-fed, and ready to learn. Thank you for your efforts!