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             January in second grade is a joyful and very busy time. The children's growth in all areas allows for more intense work.
             We continue to work on using graphic organizers to plan our
writing. Lessons help the children think about how to build a simple
sentence into a more colorful and descriptive sentence which leads to strong paragraphs. Our work in reading includes concentrated work in comprehension and understanding how paragraphs in informational text contribute to the main topic. Much of our work is verbal and on the board but I hope you are seeing the growth at home, too. In science we are finishing our study of the properties of solids, liquids, and particles. In math we are composing and decomposing numbers along with learning to subtract two-digit numbers using the number line. We will continue working on adding coins, telling time, double digit addition and will concentrate on word problems the next few weeks. Some children catch on to this quickly yet others need much more practice. Please help by having your child practice adding coins and telling how much more money they need to get to $1.00. Please ask your child to tell you the time on an analog clock occasionally. 

¨ If your child does not know how to tie shoes, please practice.
Thank you for sending your child on time to school every day. I enjoy challenging each child’s thinking from the moment the children enter the classroom until we read a book at the end of the day.