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Kindergarten News 11-17

            Kindergarten News
                                November 17, 2016

Report Cards
Report cards are scheduled to be distributed next week.  Please note that for the first quarter kindergarten students are graded in the area of social and learning skills only.  There will also be a narrative section which briefly describes how your child is doing in school.  We further elaborated on your child’s progress during parent teacher conferences.  Academic grades will be given during the second, third and fourth quarters.     
We ask that you sign and return the report card envelope.  You may keep the report card.


Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast Reminder

Next Wednesday, November 23 is our Thanksgiving Feast.  The children will be making many side dishes, breads and dessert.  We are asking everyone to buy hot lunch that day because turkey breast will be served.  The students will eat it during the feast.  Hot lunch costs $2:45.  Please send in as soon as possible (unless your child is free/reduced lunch).  Thank you!


Kindergarten Math
In math we have been focusing on attributes such as size, shape, color, weight/mass.  The children have been doing a great job identifying these characteristics as they sort math manipulatives.

In Reader's Workshop we have been focusing on how to determine the meaning of an unknown word using context clues within a story.  We have also been focusing on answering questions regarding: who, what, when, where, why and how.  You can help further develop your child's comprehension by asking questions such as these while reading your library books together at night.

Kindergarten Sight Words
To date, the following site words are on our kindergarten word wall:  A, a, and, go I, like,  see, my, play, we, will, the. These are important kindergarten words that children should recognize by sight.  Have fun with your child at night while reading books and try to look for these words.  Ask your child if they can find them in environmental print.

Kindergarten Science
In science the children have been learning about the characteristics of trees and shapes of leaves. 


Fire Station Field Trip
The kindergartners enjoyed our field trip to the Westerly Fire Station earlier this month.  At the station they learned all about fire safety and what to do in the event of a real fire.   Please discuss this important topic at home and practice fire drills.  Our next upcoming field trip will be in December.  The kindergartners will be going to the Westerly High School to bake gingerbread with Chef Finkelstein and the culinary arts students.  More information will follow as it becomes available.


Thank You…….

**To everyone who attended Parent/teacher conferences

**For all the Halloween treats donated for our Apple Rehab field trip

Mark Your Calendars:

Report cards are scheduled to go home Wednesday, November 23

November 24 -25  Thanksgiving recess    No School