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Kindergarten News

Kindergarten News
October 6, 2016

Happy October!  Autumn is upon us and the children have been observing changes in our schoolyard trees during science.  Please discuss the seasonal changes that you and your child observe together in your own backyard and neighborhood.

On October 31 the kindergartners are going to the Apple Rehab/Clipper for community service and some Halloween fun.   The children will sing songs while visiting with residents and go trick-or-treating.  We are in need of treat donations for this field trip.  Suggested items include Halloween pencils, erasers, fish crackers, raisins, pretzels, stickers, popcorn, etc.

Additional Upcoming Field Trips
Thursday, October 27:  Carpenters Farm
Thursday, November 3:   Westerly Fire Station

Children and Technology
Recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics:

Set limits and encourage playtime.
Make unplugged playtime a daily priority.  This is very important for young children.

Play... Unplugged ....together as a family, it encourages social interactions bonding and learning.

Prioritize face to face communication: young children learn best through two way communication .Talk time is critical for language development.

Don't use technology as a way to calm a child down:  help children learn healthy ways to handle emotions and problem-solving

Create tech free zones:  keep meal times and other family and social gatherings tech free.

In Fundations we have learned the following letters;  Tt, Bb, Ff, Mm, and Nn. Students must be able to identify the letters, make the associated sounds and write them using proper letter formation.  Please practice these letters at home while reading together at night.  The expectation is that the children know these letters once they have been taught and reviewed over time.

Kindergarten Words
We have introduced a few words to put up on the word wall, including; the, A,a,I, like, play.  Have fun looking for these words while reading together.

On Monday, October 10 there will be no school in observance of Columbus Day

Please remember to send your child to school with one healthy snack every day and pack it separately from lunch.

Please do not send your child to school in open toed shoes as they are dangerous on the playground with the wood chips.

Sneakers need to be worn on gym days (Mondays and Wednesdays)

Library books need to be read nightly and returned daily in your child's book baggie.  Remember to record what was read each night.

The children earn Bee cards for being responsible, respectful and safe in school.  Please discuss with your child what this would look like and sound like.

 Please send your child to school with an adult sized shoe box for an upcoming project next week, if you haven't already done so.