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K News 9/30/16

Kindergarten News

September 30, 2016


October is almost here......our new month will be a busy one!  We have plans for some exciting field trips in the near future.  On October 27th, we will be going to Carpenter's Farm.   On November, we will be visiting the Westerly Fire Station in honor of fire prevention month.  More information will be forthcoming as it becomes available.



In Fundations we have been focusing on the letters T,B, and F this week.  The children are learning how to identify the letters, make the associated  sounds, and write them using proper letter formation.  Practicing these letters at home will help to reinforce them.  The expectation is that the children know these letters once they have been taught and reviewed over time.


Each student is making their own alphabet book.  Please help your child locate and cut out, or download pictures of objects of things that begin with M and N and put the pictures in separate baggies or envelopes marked with your child's name. (A few students have not yet brought in pictures of things that begin with T,B,F.... please do so and send them to school).


Word Wall

We have introduced a few words to put up on the word wall, including; the, A,a, and I .  The words are magnetized.   When a student needs to write  a word their journal they can go up to the word wall,  take it to their seat and copy it.   Please look for these words while reading together at night.  Make a game of it I playing I Spy and find the words in environmental print.



Please remember to send your child to school with one healthy snack every day and pack it separately from lunch. Please label it “Snack” with your child’s name.


Sneakers need to be worn on gym days (Mondays and Wednesdays)


Library books need to be read nightly and returned daily we will begin exchanging books with peers next week if all students have their books each day..


Classroom Rules

The children did a great job last week brainstorming  a list of important classroom rules. They are as follows;

1.  Be a great listener

2.  Do your best

3.  Be a kind friend

4.  Stay calm

Please talk about these rules at home with your child to help reinforce them at school.


If possible please send your child to school with an adult sized shoe box for an upcoming project. If you have any extras that you'd like to send in that would be much appreciated.