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Important notes

Hello Parents,

I am thrilled to be working with your children at Springbrook School. Grade four is an exciting year and I am confident your child will grow as a learner and achieve high standards. 

 It is imperative that your child complete his/her homework assignment each evening. Students spending at least 25 minutes reading quietly, or to a parent, is another beneficial experience. 
Providing writing experiences is also helpful, whether responding to a Reading /Science passage or sitting quietly and entering thoughts in a journal.  Please try to have your child use Wordly Wise vocabulary from the current and past weeks.
Remember to ask your child how his/her school day was. We have extremely busy days with lots of learning and laughter!


Mr. Nicholas Pendola

Classroom norms include the following:
The three B's: Be responsible, Be respectful, Be safe. In addition, please treat every classmate, child in the school, and adult, with the same respect that you would like to be treated. It is important to be a good listener and to be an active participant in classroom discussions. Please be responsible for completing in-school and HW assignments. Please work hard to be an independent learner and take pride in all of your accomplishments. 

We will have a very productive and fun school year if we all work together as a classroom community and follow our classroom norms regularly.