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To prepare for the Fundations Unit 2 test, practice the Trick Words, Unit Words, and Unit Sentences below for homework.

Unit 2 Trick Words: the, a, and, is, his, of
Unit 2 words focus on 3-sound words with a short vowel.   
Unit 2 Words:
hit, fix, zap, mud, quit, yes, lug, nap, beg, rob, sad, sat, sap, mad, map, mat, rag, rap, rat, nag, Nat, lad, lag, lap, sip, sit, rip, rig, lip, lit, fit, fig, nip, mop, not, nod, rug, rut, mug, nut, set, net, met, Meg, leg, let, sob, sub, mop, map, tap, tab, tub, rub, led, lad, bad, bud, bug, rug, dig, dip, zip, zap, tax, wet, bet, bit, fit, fig, fog, rib, sob, job, cop, dot, lid, Ted, lap, web, not, ten, bed, at, hip, peg, had, pen, bat, hit, pet, bus, bun, bib, red, jab, kid, nod, but, cup, mix, pot, Ben, pat, Jim, tin.
Unit 2 Sentences: The bug is in the pot.  His dog and pup had fun. A cat hid in his box. His gum is in the bag. Rob bit the fig. Mom had a sip of pop. Deb met time and Tom. Jim had a bad cut. Meg had a red hat. The wax is hot. Max is his dog. The wig is on Viv. The fox is in his pen. Tom had a quiz. Mom and Pat got on the bus. Did Kim zig and zag? Dad got a box of gum.