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Coming to a close!

Hello Artists!
As the year is coming to a close, you will be working on quite a few lessons! We will be having "Ketchup Days", where you'll be finishing up artworks that were left unfinished in the past year. You'll have to recall the materials you used, and the techniques you've learned to complete those projects! After that, we will be designing our Art Portfolios for at least two Art classes! That is a great time to show your artistic personality, and demonstrate a few techniques you've learned throughout the year in Art! 

The week of June 15th-19th is my favorite week, because you receive ALL of your artwork back! Each class is as fun as the next, because we get to see how far we've come from August to June! That week, you'll be going home with your Portfolio full of your artwork! ( I always say, when you get home, spread it out and make an Art Gallery!)

The last week of school will be a free-choice Art day. There will be Free draw challenges, Artist Memory, Pass-it-along, Pick 6, and maybe we will even be going outside to create some found-object artworks! 

It has been a wonderful year, Artists!