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January News

Dear Families,


    Now that the holidays are behind us and winter is here, things are really gearing up in second grade! The curriculum will start to accelerate as we progress into the third quarter.


In reading, your child will be focusing on non-fiction books that deal with how animals survive in the winter and at the poles of the Earth.Our writing will shift to non-fiction as well, and we will begin researching and writing about polar people and animals.


Fundations continues to include more and more new skills. We are learning new syllable types and working with multisyllabic words. Extra trick work practice with the homework packet is very helpful. If your child does not earn 80% or higher on their Fundations test, they will get extra practice in school with Mrs. Faubert and will have the chance to retake the unit test.


In Math we are learning to add and subtract 2 digit numbers. We do not learn the traditional algorithm in second grade where we stack the numbers and add the ones and carry the tens to add, or borrow and cross out the tens to subtract. I ask that you not work with your child using these strategies YET! They will learn the “old school” way in years to come, but for now, they will show you how we are learning to do these problems in school. Soon I will send home a handy “cheat sheet” for you to follow once the children have learned all the strategies and can explain them to you:)


We will be taking the winter sessions of the NWEA test on Tuesday January 24, and Tuesday January 31. On these days it is very helpful if your child comes to school well rested. Thank you!


We are also earning time each day to play math games on the computer. The class loves learning and playing on the Sumdog website. Please encourage your child to play these games at home as well.


A big thank you to all of the parents who sent in supplies and/or came to school to help create our awesome gingerbread houses. The children loved creating them and it was a great way to end our gingerbread unit.


As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you have throughout the year.


Thank you!


Mrs. Mikaelian