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Reading instruction in all elementary grades is guided by the CCSS in ELA.  In grade 2, the focus will be on literature, informational text, foundational skills, speaking and listening, and writing.  A variety of literature and nonfiction text will be explored throughout the year.  Students will be expected to read independently, interact in the reading process with a partner, participate in small group and whole class instruction, respond to text in writing , and use evidence to support their thinking.  The Jr. Great Books Series will be one resource used to facilitate critical thinking skills.  Students will follow the Shared Inquiry process.  In addition, students will participate in the Reader's  Workshop model.  In this model, students participate in a mini lesson which focuses on a particular skill.  This is followed by guided practice, and an opportunity to demonstrate understanding on an independent level.  Students will also read during Reader's Workshop using texts at their independent reading levels.