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Homework:  Second Grade students will have 20 minutes of homework every night.  Homework is something that students should be able to accomplish independently if necessary but, typically would prefer some parental support.  As the year progresses, as a parent, you will find you are able to step back in your involvement at times.  Children will have math games to play or a math packet to complete to build fact fluency.  They will read nightly and record what they have read on a reading log, please sign this for them.  This reading log will be turned in each week.  Students will also have a Fundations Packet for each unit of Fundations.  As a rule, if you ever experience an evening when things are not working out, and homework is ruining homelife, put it aside and write a note to me.  We are working to build positive routines, skills and habits.  The focus is to keep the energy positive.