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Hello there Artists!
April is a big month for us!
April 14th is ARTS ALIVE! This year it is being combined with STEM night, making it STEAM! (Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS, and Mathematics!)

It is on a Thursday night  this year, from 2-8pm, and YOUR artwork will be on display until 7pm!
I cant wait to see you all there, it is going to be a great show with work on display from Kindergarten students up to grade 12!

In the Art room, we will be working on many different lessons!

Kinder will be focused on cylinder vases decorated with different types of lines as decoration! We will be looking at, and drawing spring flowers in our vases!

Grade one will be working on cubes! The cube is a difficult 3-D shape, but we will be making it fun by making our cubes into our own jack-in-the-boxes!

Grade two will be working on Wayne Thiebaud-inspired gumball machines, with limited color palettes!
Grade three will be working on my most favorite third grade project of the year - O'Keefe skulls and flowers! We will be looking at Georgia O'Keefe's work, then drawing from observation and drawing in "macro" form!

Grade four will be working on sunset silhouettes - a tough but beautiful lesson on blending colors and drawing black silhouettes of animals, plants and other objects!
I hope to see you at ARTS ALIVE: STEAM this year! 
Remember: April 14th from 2-8! 

Keep on creating,
Mrs. Riley