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November in the Art room!

Hello there Artists!
November is a month  for parent-teacher conferences! There will be a lot of art-making going on! 

Kindergarten will be focusing on Jasper Johns and his primary color numbers! We will be using oil pastel to hide a number of our choice in our artworks!

First grade will continue working on Pumpkin perspective drawings, and transitioning to Andy Warhol Soup Cylinders, working on developing 3-D shapes!

Second grade will be working on drawing fallen leaves from observation, and using the warm and cool colors to complete their work. This is one of my favorite Art projects in second grade!

Third grade will be focusing on sleeping self-portraits, inspired by one of my favorite artists, Gustav Klimt. We will be focusing on texture and drawing realistic sleeping portraits!

Fourth grade artists will be working on finishing up their Falling for foreshortening project, and continuing on to their pointillism! We will be drawing objects related to fall, and then using the pointillism technique to fill it in with color!

Fall is my favorite time of year, and I hope you enjoy it with some Art in between!
Keep on creating,laugh
Mrs. Riley