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Kindergarten News! September 30, 2016

Kindergarten News   
Dear Families,
        Wow! What an amazing second week of Kindergarten. We are very excited to be well on our way. I look forward to a wonderful school year.
We have had a very busy week. I am sure your child has come home exhausted and hungry! Continue to send in healthy snacks and water. This will help your child get through the long afternoon. Usually around this time your child may express that they don’t like school, as hard as it is to hear, it is typical. The realization of school being daily and the academic demands are hard on young children. I do recommend talking to your child later in the evening about how their day was. Asking them who they had lunch with or to name one fun thing you did in school today is more inviting to answer. Please contact me if you find your child becoming frustrated or saying they don’t like school. We will definitely work together to get them to feel successful and to truly love school!
I hope your child has come home and shared all of the fun things we have done this week. If not, here are a few things we have done. We have met many new friends and sang a lot of songs. Here are a few songs we continue to sing daily: Hickety Pickety Bumble Bee, Head, shoulders, knees and toes, and our newest song… Ship to Shore!
        We will be reading many new stories, Franklin Goes to School, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See, and our favorite story Kindergarten Rocks! Next week we will begin rhyming words and learning two new letters. Keep reviewing Tt. We will be learning letters Bb and Ff.
        Other exciting news is that we have been practicing writing our first names only. We are learning that the first letter is capital and the rest are lowercase. Your child is responsible for writing their names like this daily. Next week we will be using magnetic letters to “build” our names. Fun! Fun! Be sure if you are practicing name writing at home with your child that they write it with capital first and all other letters lowercase.
        Mathematics starts our day in room 112! Early Mathematics is foundational to young children. In Math, we have been counting out loud to 20. Please continue to have your child count aloud to you. Playing this game in the car is a lot of fun. Make it more challenging and have them start from a number other than one! We are learning to make equal sets to 10 and we are working on writing numbers to 10. Be on the lookout for our Race to Trace sheet that will be coming home soon.
        Today we shared our hopes and dreams of Kindergarten. Ask your child what they hope to learn this year…. we all had some amazing ideas!
Few things to remember:
·        A daily peanut free snack and drink
·        Hot lunch money in an envelope with your child’s name on it.
·        Please send in a family photo… our family tree is bare. Your child will have the chance to share their photo in class next week.
·        The library book that your child brought home today is due back at school by next Friday.
·        Empty, clean yogurt or baby food jars are needed for our paint center.
·        Thank you for all the donations! I greatly appreciate it. 
·        Love all the reading logs that came in on Monday! Reading is so important to young learners. Keep reading! Logs will be collected and checked weekly.
 -Please make sure if you would like to volunteer that you get a background check done. This needs to be done ANNUALLY. Please contact Jeanne Tomao at central office.
Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for sharing your child with us.
Mrs. Harrison
Mrs. Manfredi