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December in the Art Room!

Hello there Artists!
December is a big month is the Art room! Along with finishing up artworks that we began in November, each class will be focused on beginning one more new project before the New Year!

Kinder artists will be learning about cylinders - where we see them in every day life, and how to draw them! We will then be creating cylinder hats!
First grade will also be working on cylinders. We will be taking our knowledge of the 3-D form from last year, and create a more in-depth project, inspired by Andy Warhol's soup cans!

Second grade will start looking at Gustav Klimt's Birch Trees, and we will be using some odd Art materials to create our own birch tree landscapes! (think tape, salt and saran wrap!)

Third grade will be continuing their work on their sleeping self portraits, with very intricate textures on our blankets, inspired by some of Gustav Klimt's artworks!

Fourth grade will be beginning a pointillism project! We will be using cotton swabs to create a specific texture on our artworks, and will be inspired by George Seurat, the pointillism master! 

*If you'd like to go on a tour of Art museums in the USA or around the world over winter break, I have found an amazing resource! It is called "Google Art Project". You can tour some wonderful museums, and see amazing works of art from your own home!
Give the link a click and explore with your parents, guardians, and young artists!  One of my favorites is  the 
Adachi Museum of Art, in Japan.
The Art room is a-rockin' and a-rollin' in December! 
Keep on creating, 
Mrs. Riley