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June Days...Summer Days

Spring-Summer Tidbits 2016:


Dear DCS Family and Friends,


The end of our school year is fast approaching! Here are few gentle reminders for our parents/guardians/students at DCS:


-Please pick up inhalers, epipens, prescription medications and over-the-counter medications on the last day of school. All prescription and over-the-counter medications used in school will require new physician’s orders each new school year.

-Please apply sunscreen and bug spray at home before school.

-Please wear safe comfortable shoes for gym and outdoor activities.


A few summer safety tips:


-Always tell an adult where you are going.

-Use public restrooms with adult supervision.

-Wear correct size correct protective gear for summer activities. Please see the two new links regarding sports activities for children.

-Apply and reapply sunscreen and stay hydrated on the beach:).

-Use the Buddy System.


Have a safe, healthy, “Bucket-Filling” (not the beach sand kind:)) summer!


Nurse Robinangel