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Dashing December!

Dear DCS Families and Friends,


I’ve dubbed this December, “Dashing December”. Before you know it we’ll be “dashing through the snow”, December is just a dashing (lively) time and it will have dashed by us with 2017 hot on its heels!


Speaking of a lively time...our health classes have been dashing with lively conversation about nutrition (5-2-1-0), increasing our self-esteem by keeping clean, and medication safety is no dashing matter this month (take time to ask a trusted adult to read the label and administer the medication, right person, right dose, right route and right time). Please check out two new links: (Energy In. Energy Out) and (Medication Safety and statistics). It’s all about how our choices are making a difference helping our students stay healthy and stay in school.


Please refer to the School Nurse Teacher letter for guidelines on when to keep your child home.


Enjoy this wonderful and blessed season and have a “dashing December” in many ways!

Nurse Robin