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April Showers Bring May Flowers!

April showers (rain or snow) bring May flowers!
Speaking of rain or snow…Please continue to dress for spring weather which tends to get a little “springy”! Dressing in layers is a plus for keeping us either warm or cool at this time of year.  Continue to wear safe, comfortable shoes for gym and playground time.
As the weather changes, other things change, too; colds and allergies are here. Continue to practice proper hand washing. Keep hands away from the T-zone. Cough and sneeze in your elbow or tissue. Make healthy nutritious choices that will boost the immune system, choose fruits, veggies and proteins. Getting enough rest and exercise are essential for good health. It’s important to get eight to ten hours of sleep at night and one to two hours of exercise each day. Keeping our children healthy helps them come to school ready to learn!
May flowers bring Bugs back… and that means protecting ourselves from Ticks.
-Help prevent Lyme Disease:
1. Wear socks pulled over long pants
2. Wear long sleeves, a hat and closed shoes
3. Use tick repellant on clothing
4. Inspect yourself and your pets after being outdoors
-Know the symptoms:
1. Skin rash
2. Stiff neck
3. Fatigue
4. Headaches/Fever
5. Muscles and joint pain/swelling
6. Dizziness
For more information call the Arthritis Foundation at:
Happy Spring!
Nurse Robinangel
Please see link for proper tick removal.