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April Beginnings!

April Showers bring May Flowers!


Spring is on its way! The weather is changing. Please dress in layers and wear safe shoes for recess time. Colds and allergies are here. Continue to practice good hand washing, coughing/sneezing in your elbow or tissue. Get plenty of sleep at night (8 to 10 hours). Make healthy nutritious choices to boost the immune system (5 servings of fruit and veggies each day). Don’t forget to exercise one or more hours a day. Healthy lifestyle choices will lead to healthy bodies and healthy minds!

Speaking of healthy bodies and healthy minds, check out this new and exciting resource for the whole family: Here’s a little bit about the website:


“South County Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, a nonprofit project that exists to foster healthy lifestyles among the County's residents, this week has just unveiled its website "". It's got everything a young parent wants: where do I go locally for breastfeeding advice? how do I keep my baby (and me) stimulated? is my child developing naturally? how do i get my 6-year-old away from the screen and out for a walk? how can I afford fresh food for my family? All presented with quizzes, infographics, videos and brief pieces written for them and other caretakers.”


Please look for their new website under Links on my Fusion page. Ask your children about the 5210 program. Easy to remember and easy to live by.

With May Flowers come! Don’t forget to protect yourselves from ticks.

-Prevent Lyme Disease:

  1. Wear socks pulled over long pants.

  2. Wear long sleeves, a hat and closed shoes.

  3. Use tick repellent on clothing.

  4. Inspect yourself and your pets after being out doors.

-Know the symptoms of Lyme Disease:

  1. Skin rash.

  2. Stiff neck.

  3. Fatigue/Dizziness.

  4. Headaches/Fever.

  5. Muscle and joint pain (joint swelling).

Happy Spring Beginnings!  Nurse Robin


Happy Spring Beginnings!

Nurse Robin