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1/2 Way Day

WOW! We’re Nearly Halfway!


Dear First Grade Families,

  On Monday, January 30th we will have been in school for 91 days! Can you believe it?  91 + 91 = 182 days,  so that makes Monday our Half Way Day!  Our school year has already been full of learning, growing and achieving, and we would like to acknowledge our young learners for their hard work this far in First Grade!

     As an introduction to our learning about fractions, we’d like the students to see and experience what the word HALF (˝) means.


We are asking for students to wear two different colored or patterned socks on Monday 1/30.  (i.e: one foot wearing a blue sock, and the other wearing a green sock. Any combination is fine!).  This way, our pairs of socks will show HALF (˝) of one color/design and HALF (˝) of another! We can’t wait to see all of the fractions walking around!


     We’ll also be doing other activities in school to mark this important milestone, so be sure to ask your student to show you what HALF means after school on Monday, January 30th.

                                                                                    Thank you!

                                                                                    Mrs. Bouchard, Mrs. Lamb and Miss Panciera