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Happy New Year First Grade Families!

We are delighted to welcome back our Grade One learners. They returned to school healthy, well-rested, bursting with vacation news, and focused on learning. What a joy!


This week begins a remarkable span in your child’s development. From January to June first graders make tremendous learning strides. In an effort to maximize this opportunity and support your child’s success we ask the following:

  1. Encourage your child to eat healthy foods. This is that fuel that powers our brains and bodies.

  2. Participate in active play. Bodies of all ages benefit from movement. Youngsters who use their energy in active play are better able to concentrate when required.

  3. Get plenty of rest. Students who maintain a regular bedtime routine benefit from the rest their bodies need and are most successful in fending off illnesses and staying in school.


We Encourage the Following Activities to Support Your Child’s Learning…

  1. Let your child read to you! Stop her/him throughout the reading to ask your child to explain what he/she just read. This checking for understanding is critical in reading development!

  2. Read to your child.

  3. Read with your child (reading in chorus).

  4. Ask your child to tell you and write what time it is (to the hour and half hour).

  5. Allow your child to count coins in a change container and write the amount.

  6. Teach your child how to tie his/her shoelaces. It’s time to tackle and master this skill.Check online for child-friendly videos to help your child learn.


Grade One Wish List…

  1. Wipes, wipes, wipes to fend off the spread of germs!

  2. Tissues.

  3. Gallon size ziploc bags.


Thanks for your on-going support!