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Fundations Homework Packet

Hello Families,

Students are bringing home their Unit 6 FUNDATIONS Homework packets today. We completed Week 1 Monday and Tuesday homework here in class so that you can see how the work is to be completed.
 Students were reminded of the following expectations:
 1. Complete the brief assignment on a nightly basis. 
2. Do NOT sit down and complete the entire packet all in one sitting. This is because the homework is meant to FOLLOW the daily instruction provided in school. A child who tries to complete the work prior to instruction is more likely to become frustrated because of a lack of understanding. Ultimately, this would make the assignment meaningless for the child.
3. Homework is to be completed in pencil.
4. Homework is to be neat.
5. Homework is to be returned on the due date posted on the top page (December 16, 2016).

Thank you for supporting your child's learning and habits.