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First Grade News: October

Hello Families,
It’s hard to believe that this week marks our 30th day of first grade! It’s been a busy six weeks and I’m so proud of all of the students for their efforts and focus.
          Now that we’ve settled in, I want to share some news.

Our Class Mission Statement
Our classroom is a
happy,   friendly,
responsible,  and
safe place with
mistake making,
laughter sharing,
independence building,
problem solving, and
     brain stretching!

We began the school year by reading our Class Mission
Statement.  Since then, we have explored in depth the
first 6 key phrases and concepts. We are currently
discussing mistake making and how it translates into a
growth mindset. Students are learning that embracing
challenges and making mistakes are the ONLY ways that
we can learn and grow.
Ask your student what he/she needs to say to him/her
self when work gets difficult.
The remaining 4 phrases will be central to the work that
we do throughout the entire year.
Thank you for your cooperation in providing snacks that
are safe for all students.
In an effort to reduce waste, please provide your
student with a reusable spoon or fork, if their snack requires any type of utensil.
This small gesture helps students feel like they are making a difference in protecting the earth.
I hope that you and your child have been enjoying the Read-O and Math-O activities. This homework assignment is a “warm-up” to the first grade weekly homework (reading, math, and Fundations) which will begin in November.
We have been completing our Fundations Homework in class so that I can communicate my expectations directly to your child. We will continue to do our Fundations homework in class until November. 

What is my child learning?
Math Reading Writing Science Social
-Numeral formation
(+1/-1 numbers)
-Composing and
Decomposing numbers
-Place value
numbers using symbols, ten frames, and place value blocks
-Explaining our
math thinking
-Word problem
-Letter formation
-Isolating and blending letter sounds
Readers Workshop
-Understanding Readers Workshop
-Picking just right books
-Setting our reading goals
-Building our reading stamina
-Writing a complete thought
-Starting sentences with a capital
-Ending sentences with a punctuation mark
-How to use the articles /a, an, the/
-Including details that paint pictures in readers’ minds
-Exploring our 5 Senses
-Investigating Air & Weather
Focusing on:
-What is air?
-How does a parachute interact with air?
-Engineering challenge:
Design a parachute system that lands without spilling its cargo
-Current Events