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Hello there Artists~
The Art room is in full swing this month! 

Kinder friends are finishing up their shape lessons, and beginning our Jasper Johns-inspired lesson! We will be working with primary colors this time around! Red, Yellow, Blue, eyes on you!

First and Second grade will be creating beginning of the year, realistic self portraits! We will be looking at and talking about many different self portraits - from Andy Warhol, to Leonardo da Vinci! We will be learning about proportion, and how our eyes, nose, mouth, and ears fit onto our faces! We will also be using true colors.

Second grade will be taking it a bit further, and we will be expressing an emotion with our self-portraits!

Third grade will be beginning our sleeping self portraits, inspired by Gustav Klimt! One of my favorite artists, his textures and patterns will inspire us to create our own work!

Fourth grade will
be beginning a foreshortening lesson - learning what foreshortening is, how to describe it, and understanding how it is shown in Art! We will be using our own hands and feet to create our foreshortening artwork! For this lesson, we are inspired by comic books, and photography

See you in the Art room!
Keep on creating,
Mrs. Riley