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Art room in October!

Hello there Artists, and Happy October!

This month, Kindergarten friends will be working on coloring, cutting and gluing techniques. We will be working with 4 different shapes, and creating an artwork from those shapes!  We will then focus on Miro, an artist that uses line, shape, and primary colors!

First grade will be working on the Jasper John's alphabet artwork, focusing on learning warm and cool colors, and working with oil pastel and watercolor. We will then begin pumpkin perspective drawings, where we will be learning that size determines how close-up, or far-away an object appears! 

Second grade will be finishing up their Wayne Thiebaud-inspired cylinder cakes (with a piece sliced out!), and then we will begin our Kandinsky emotion project, focusing on the concept that color and shape can convey emotions!

Third grade will be working on their stacked-cylinder cakes, and continuing on to Op Art, inspired by Bridget Riley and M.C. Escher. The "Op" stands for optical illusion!

Fourth grade will be focusing on their Jasper Johns overlapping initials, and basic color theory. After that, they will be beginning a "Falling for Foreshortening" lesson! 

The Art room is definitely up and running, and so are our artists! 
Happy October and keep on creating, 
Mrs. Riley