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Hello there Artists!

In September, grades K-4 are getting used to the rules and routines of the Art room, and we all started off with a mini-square to get our creativity flowing. If you had the opportunity to come to open house, you saw those squares were being made into a large display! 

After we finish up those mini-squares, we will be moving on to our first large Art lesson of the year.
Kinder will begin with Shape Space, a lesson where we color different shapes, learn to hold scissors and cut, assemble them into something new, and learn to glue too! This lesson covers many skills at once, and lets us practice those skills!

First grade will be introduced to Jasper Johns, and we will be creating alphabet artwork inspired by him! We will be using oil pastels and watercolors.

Second grade will be working on Wayne Thiebaud-inspired cakes! We will focus on drawing cylinders, and cutting a slice out of our cakes!

Third grade will be working on a stacked-cylinder challenge, creating larger cakes with three tiers, overlapping cylinders, and working on a theme for our artworks. Wayne Thiebaud is our inspiration for this lesson too!

Fourth grade will be creating overlapping initial artworks based on Jasper John's more complicated pieces. We will work with oil pastels, and will be blending our own secondary colors! 

Thanks for reading, and keep on creating!
- Mrs. Riley