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February in the Art Room!

Hello there Artists!
Even though February is a short month, things will be rockin' in the Art room!

I am now preparing and gathering work for TWO different Art shows coming up - "Arts Alive" in April, and the "Young at Art" show in Mystic in March! The Young at Art show is for specific works only, 7-10 can be selected, while Arts Alive will have a piece of Artwork from EVERY elementary student in the district! That's a big, fun show!

This month, Kindergarten will be working on finishing up their Swimmy projects - now that we have mixed all of the secondary colors, we will be making fish to swim around in our primary color oceans!

First grade will be working on finishing up their warm/cool cityscapes, and moving on to the concept on "movement", with Keith Haring figures!

Second grade will be working on Picasso Blue Period guitars, combining one of Picasso art-making periods with one of his sculptures for our inspiration. Collage and creative problem solving will play a big part in this project!

Third grade artists will be finishing up their weaving lessons, and moving on to Roy Lichtenstein's  Onomatopoeia's!

Fourth grade artists will be working on various lessons, from using sgraffito with their Ming vases, to creating rotational symmetry using fractions, to Op Art, shading spheres with the value scale!

There's definitely a lot of learning going on in the Art room this month! I look forward to seeing you at Arts Alive!
Keep on Creating,
Mrs. Riley