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December in the Art room!

Hello there artists, and happy December!
This is a very busy month for all of us, and the Art room will be buzzing with creativity!
Fourth grade artists will be finishing up their foreshortening lessons, and moving on to rotational symmetry! This lesson is tough, but we will learn to be patient with ourselves and trust the artistic process! Its a great project, mixing some Math and Art!
Third grade artists will be finishing up our Klimt-inspired sleeping self portraits, and moving on to Optical Illusion art, inspired by Bridget Riley and M.C. Escher!
This lesson requires lot of shading, and we will become experts with colored pencils!
Second grade will be working with painters tape in December, creating Klimt-inspired birch trees! We will be using salt and saran wrap to achieve some interesting textures in our paint!
First grade will be moving on from our pumpkin perspective drawings, and begin Andy Warhol inspired work! We will become master cylinder-makers, creating 3-dimensional soup and soda cans, inspired by Mr. Warhol!
Kinder artists will be moving on from Mondrian-inspired artworks (with vertical and horizontal lines and primary colors!) and moving on to cylinder hats complete with crazy patterns! 3-D shapes are a big deal in the Art room!
We are rockin' and rollin' in the Art room this December!
Keep on creating,
Mrs. Riley