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January in the Art room!

Hello there Artists, and Happy New Year!
In January, we will be focusing on a variety of techniques and processes in each grade!
In Kindergarten, we will be focusing in on basic color theory - the primary and secondary colors! We will also take it a step further and learn how the primary colors create the secondary ones in our Swimmy lesson!

First grade will be working on the concept of movement in Art. We will be looking at Keith haring's dancing figures, and creating our own!

Second grade artists will be working with mixed media- creating Picasso guitars inspired by his blue period, and his guitar paintings/sculpture! We will focus on  collage, and creating balance!

Third grade will be introduced to basic weaving - working on our dexterity! We will also be creating our own textured paper to weave with! 

Fourth grade artists will be introduced to Rotational Symmetry, and will be using math skills to create an artwork will four identical parts!

2016 will be a great year in the Art room, I just know it!
Keep on creating,
Mrs. Riley