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AP United States History and Government

AP United States History and Government [AP® United States History] is a two- semester course designed to provide to high school students an equivalent college-level U.S. History experience. The focuses of this course include emphasis on mastery of content knowledge, critical analysis of primary source documents, evaluative essay writing, and historiography, among others. The course will be broken into two parts. The Semester One class will meet in a double block configuration within the existing schedule, for 2 X 67 minutes each day (advisory day periods will be shorter). The Semester Two class will meet for one block each day. It is recommended that students be enrolled in both the fall semester and spring semester sections if they plan to take the AP United States History Examination to be administered May 5, 2017. This course will expose students to a wide array of historical topics, beginning with the Colonial Era and culminating with the most recent events of the 21st Century. Course material will cover content in both breadth and depth, with an emphasis on those events, trends and themes most significant to a given time period.