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Agenda 3/21/2017

Learning Objective:
How is energy transferred? 
Daily Question
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Simple Harmonic Motion Notes Pg. 404-418
For a copy of the notes click HERE
Practice pg. 434 #1-9
1a. 24N      b. 60 m/s2
2a.  110N   b.  1.0 x 103 N/m
3a.  4.00m  b.  .909s   c. No, Force is constant
4a.  T = 8.0s     b. No, Restoring force = 0
5a.  60J   b.  49m/s
6a.  575 N/m    b.  46J
7.2940 N/m
8a.  101J   b. 41.2cm  c. 2.84 m/s  d. 90.2 m/s2
9. 2.6 m/s