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Chapter 1

Students will be working on chapter 1 for the next few weeks.  After completing this chapter they will be able to,
  • Explain how science and technology are related.
  • List the major branches of science and how they overlap.
  • Describe the main ideas of physical science.
  • Describe steps in the scientific method.
  • Compare and contrast facts, scientific theories, and scientific laws.
  • Explain the importance of models in science.
  • Explain the importance of safety in science.
  • Perform calculations involving scientific notation and conversion factors.
  • Identify the metric and SI units used in science and convert between common metric prefixes.
  • Compare and contrast accuracy and precision.
  • Relate the Celsius, Kelvin, and Fahrenheit temperature scales.
  • Organize and analyze data using tables and graphs.
  • Identify the relationship between a manipulated variable and a responding variable.
  • Explain the importance of communicating data.
  • Discuss the process of peer review.