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The Physical Education Department, in conjunction with our local bowling alley – Alley Katz, is offering a unit in bowling.  This year there will be no fee charged. The unit will last approximately 2-3 weeks beginning in November.  Those taking part in this activity will walk to and from the bowling alley with a Physical Education Teacher. For safety concerns, strict rules and protocols are in place and any deviation from them will result in removal from the activity. 
It is the responsibility of the student to bring home this permission form prior to the unit for signing.  No other notes or phone calls will be accepted. In case of inclement weather the classes may still walk to the bowling alley so appropriate outerwear is strongly suggested. Decisions will be made on a class by class basis if raining.  If classes do not go bowling all students should be prepared for PE class. We do not go bowling on advisory day mornings.