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Attached are the directions for the Career Presentation. Career Anchor Task is due this Friday 12/23/16. There is a late submission deduction of 5 points per day, so don't be late!

WESTERLY HIGH SCHOOL                                      Anchor TASK

Subject Technology Education
Course CAD, Architecture Design, Graphic Design, Engineering Design, Advance Design, Manufacturing Technology
Task Name Career research power point
Type On Demand


Student Name  
Year of Graduation  
Teacher Mr. Mclellan


Targeted Learner Outcomes, GSEs & Standards
Learner Outcomes and/or GSEs Content Standards
1.01 The student is able to organize and convey information in written form.
1.03 The student is able to make oral presentations
9.01 The student demonstrates an ability to use word processing to create and revise a document.
9.02 The student demonstrates proficiency in use of a specific software application.
STL 10 – Students will develop an understanding of the role of troubleshooting, research and development, invention and innovation, and experimentation in problem solving.


Teacher Student
General Planning/Student Preparation:
1. Discuss career goals, college and trade school options, apprentice programs and military service.
With the teacher, you should:
Choose your career
Use references
Works Cited page
Guidelines for Administering the Task:
  1. Give student a list of possible career choices
  2. Give students a check list to aid in developing rough draft
  3. Check student progress
  4. Guide student work with final draft and PowerPoint
Independently, you should:
  • Research some career options that are of interest to you.
  • Select one career that you wish to find out more information about.
  • Answer the following questions about the career you have chosen:
    • Name of field.
    • Description of field.
    • Describe the work environment.
    • What preparation do you need while in high school?
    • What training will you need after high school?
    • What types of courses, if any will you take?
    • What is the job outlook for this area? (projections of new positions in next 10 years)
    • Pictures of this type of work.
    • A Graph depicting salary range
Time: 5 class periods Task Conditions: Technology Lab


Task Prompt
Career Research Project
Goal: To find information about a career that fits your needs and interests. To determine the changes or steps you need to take in order to reach your career goals.
Project: Research a career path that interests you. It has to relate to the topics discussed in this class. Consider all options from military, college, the trades (carpentry, plumbing, electrician, machinist, mechanic, painter, welder, mason, etc.). Produce a written document and PowerPoint presentation. You must examine all of the following elements of your select field:
  1. Name of field.
  2. Description of field.
  3. Describe the work environment.
  4. What preparation do you need while in high school?
  5. What training will you need after high school?
  6. What types of courses, if any will you take?
  7. What is the job outlook for this area? (projections of new positions in next 10 years)
  8. How much money will you make to start?
  9. How much money can you potentially make?
  10. How difficult is it to get a job in this area?
  11. How difficult is it to get a job in this area in the Rhode Island/Connecticut/Massachusetts area?
  12. What type of competition will you be up against?
  13. Pictures of this type of work.
  14. If you want to change careers, how will these skills apply else where.


  1. Assemble the information that you have collected into a Power point presentation.
  2. Present your presentation to the class.

Accommodations to Meet Student Needs

To the student: The directions above should be followed unless you require accommodations for task administration.  These accommodations may be described in your IEP, 504 Plan, PLP, or in relation to your status as an English Language Learner. 
If you require accommodations, tell your teacher about them.  Together, you and your teacher should describe the accommodations you require in the space below:
      Timing/scheduling: _________________________________________________
      Mode of response: __________________________________________________
      Environment/setting: ________________________________________________