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Welcome to Home Repair

Welcome to Home Repair, my name is Mr. McLellan and I will be your teacher for this semester. This semester we will investigate Home Repair. Students will be working with hand and power tools on an array of projects that will help build skills involved with home repair projects.

Course Description:
This course is designed for students who have an interest in Home repair. The study of Home Repair will create awareness of the necessary resources needed to further investigate a career in the Home repair field as well as provide beneficial knowledge to any home owner.
Students in home repair will be exposed to common practices used to repair a residential home. Students will learn about the many different home problems that occur and obtain the ability to fix common home problems and/or oversee a professional in the field with knowledge of correct procedures.

Course Goals:

  • Journal writing
  • Explore Home Repair career opportunities
  • Investigate Home Repair cost factors
  • Explore proper tool use
  • Build model wall units with proper building practices
  • Develop skills to create a common electrical circuit
  • Sheetrock a wall section
  • Learn how to fix a leaky pipe or fixture

Class Rules and Procedures:
No food or drinks allowed in the classroom (student handbook)
Students will be respectful and appropriate at all times to everyone in the room.  You will be prompt and prepared for all classes.  All fire drills and lockdown procedures apply.
Student Resources and Out of Class Communication:
Students can access assistance on any course related assignment by contacting their teacher or by accessing the teacher’s School Fusion webpage.  Students should also access the fusion page to reference models and exemplars. 
Do Overs:
Do overs will be allowed on all summative assessments for any student who fails to meet with proficiency on the first attempt. Students will have two weeks from the return date to resubmit.  Student will have one opportunity to revise and resubmit. This option is only available for students who hand the assignment in on the original due date.
Missed work:
You will not be pursued about missed work. As a WHS student, you will be treated as a civic-minded adult and expected to act as such.   Please consult with your teacher or classmate concerning outstanding work
Monitor your Progress:
Students are responsible for evaluating their own performance on each assessment using a teacher provided rubric and will self-assess their work habits using the WHS Work Habits Rubric. Students are responsible for using the MMS student portal to monitor their grade throughout the course. 

Technology/Business/Culinary/FCS Department
Grading Policy
The following formula is used to calculate a fair and reliable semester grade and “proficiency picture” that accurately reflects what the students knows and is able to do in this course:
12%... End of Semester Exam (A comprehensive, cumulative & summative assessment aligned to discipline specific standards that require students to demonstrate their achievement of content knowledge and skills.)
12%... Anchor Task (A performance based, cumulative & summative assessment aligned to 1 of 5 21st century skills that require students to apply their learning to a new, discipline specific context. 
76%... Coursework (Includes varied assessments that measure student progress and achievement of subject area standards, which include discipline specific knowledge and skills, and an assessment of student work habits.) The following formula is used to calculate this portion of the semester grade:
60%... Summative Assessments [The evaluation of student learning at the end of an instructional unit by comparing it against some standard(s) or benchmark(s).]
40%... Interim Assessments [The evaluation of student learning at different points within an instructional unit that measure progress towards some standard(s) or benchmark(s).]

My Contact information:
Timothy McLellan
Westerly High School
Room W104
(401)596-2109 ext. 3104