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“We tell ourselves stories in order to live. . .”
This year we will explore a number of driving questions inspired by these words from Joan Didion’s essay “The White Album.” 

Why do people write? Why do we need to tell stories? 
In what ways do/can we communicate those stories—our own, others’, humanity’s ? 
How can we use our writing to help us understand ourselves & the world more deeply?
How can we express ourselves in original, creative ways? 
What and how can we glean from other authors’ craft to augment our own writing?
In what ways can we use our knowledge of genre to reach our readers? 
How can we use the writing process & peer feedback to revise and improve our writing? 
What does it mean to be a writer in the 21st century?

I'm looking forward to writing and thinking and growing with you in our little literature community!!!

Ms. B