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Winding Down

Hi Kids,  (JHappy New Year!!)

What do the next weeks look like? 

1. Polished Sr Paper and Profile
2. Thank you note and send profile out
3. Reflections written for Sr Paper and Profile (must include all standards spread out over the 4 projects). Remember to choose a meaningful quote that depicts your writing growth, personal awareness, and personal responsibility during the semester.
4. Website started: Sr paper and Profile uploaded both the original draft and the polished drafts
5. Revise and Polish Investigative Report
6. Write, Revise and Polish the Literacy Narrative
freewrite, Amy Tan task, Adichie Ted Talk, Student Model
7. Organize Binder: Binder cover must have an image, a meaningful quote that will appear in your introduction of your Reflection, and your heading at the bottom, centered) See my info sheet and rubric

Stay organized and motivated. Please let me know if I have missed something!! I am happy to adjust!!
Love, Mrs. Oliveira